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problem 1: Distinguish between E-plane Tee and H-plane Tee.

problem 2: Illustrate the principle of working of resonator.

problem 3: Distinguish between Transmission line from wave-guides.

problem 4: What do you mean by Smith chart? prepare down its application?

problem 5: A (200 + j75) Ohm load is to be matched to a 300 ohm line to give SWR = 1. Compute the reactance of the stub and the features impedance of the quarter wave transformer, both joined to the load.

problem 6: Compute the length of a short-circuited line needed to tune out the susceptance of a load whose Y = (0.004 - j0.002) S, placed on an air-dielectric transmission line of characteristic admittance Y = 00.0033S, at a frequency of 150 MHz.

problem 7: A load ZL = (100 - j50) ohm is joined to a line whose Z0 = 75ohm. Compute:

a) The point nearest to the load, at which a quarter wave transformers might be inserted to provide right matching.
b) The ZO of the transmission line to be employed for the transformer.

problem 8: A series combination having impedances = (450 + j600) ohm at 10 MHz is joined to a 300ohm line. Compute the position and length of a short-circuited stub designed to match this load to the line.

problem 9: A quarter wave transformer is joined directly to a 50ohm load, to match this load to a transmission line who’s Z0 = 75ohm.What should be the characteristic impedance of the matching transformer?

problem 10: Compute the length of a piece of 50 ohm open-circuited line if it’s input admittance to be j80x10-3 S.

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