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Identify the two basic types of cells.

describe the basic organization of a plasma membrane.

What is a "semi-permeable " membrane?

Define diffusion and osmosis .

What is a similarity between osmosis and diffusion?

describe what happens to a cell when placed in isotonic, hypotonic and hypertonic solutions.

Identify a similarity and difference between facilitated transport and active transport.

What is the function of a lysosome, Golgi apparatus and mitochondrion?

Define phagocytosis.

What is the difference between rough and smooth ER? What type of macromolecule do each produce?

What do microtubules, actin filaments, and intermediate filaments do?

What is the function of cellular respiration?

What vital function does oxygen serve in the human body? (Hint: think electron transport system.)

List and describe the major steps in cellular respiration.

describe the meaning of oxygen deficit.

What is the active site on an enzyme? Does an enzyme speed up or slow down a reaction?

Define the following-dendrite, oligodendrocyte,axon, myelin sheath.

describe endocytocis and exocytosis.

Glucose enters cells from the blood stream by what process?

What is a feedback cycle? What is the differecne between a negative and postive feedback cycle?

What is the difference between anaerobic and aerobic?

What is fermentation?

Name the three components of all connective tissues.

Identify the major categories of connective tissue-give an ex of each.

What are the sebaceous glands, where are they located and what do they secrete?

What are neuroglia?

What are three ways to prevent skin cancer?

What organs are part of the urinary system? What does the system accomplish?

What organs are found in the thoracic cavity?

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