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problem 1) find out the rms delay spread for the following power delay profile: P(Τ)

(a) Compute the rms delay spread for the given figure.

(b) If BPSK modulation is used, what is the maximum bit rate which can be sent through the channel without needing the equalizer?

problem 2) Describe the frequency hopped multiple access technique.

problem 3) In IS-95 CDMA system, if W = 1.25 MHz, R = 9600 bps, and N = 14 users

(a) Compute Eb/ N0

(b) When no voice activity is there, compute the Eb/ N0 for omnidirectional antennas.

(c) If voice activity = 3/8 and sector antennas are used, find out the total number of users cell.

problem 4) What are the major features of 3G wireless systems ?

problem 5) What were the reasons for choosing tt/4 DQPSK modulation scheme for USDC against DQPSK ?

problem 6) Describe the frame structure and signal processing in GSM in detail.

problem 7) Describe briefly the different diversity techniques used to improve the wireless links.

problem 8) Describe in CDMA spread spectrum RAKE receiver.

problem 9) How are different channels within the forward and reverse link in an IS-95 system identified.

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