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1(a) What are the main constituents in Fibre Reinforced Plastic composite material and mention the function of each.

2(b) describe main two types of polymer matrix composite with exs

(c)List the advantages & disadvantages of epoxy resin, Vinyl ester resin and polyester resin.

2(a) Mention the main engineering application of composite material

(b) What are the excellent properties of polymer composites make suitable for Engineering applications

(b) describe the process steps of carbon fibre manufacturing with a neat sketch.

(a) The glass fibres reinforced nylon composite contains 30 volume % fibres. Estimate what fraction of the applied stress is carried by the glass fibre. The Young’s modulus of fibre and matrix is 7.2 x 103MPa and 0.2 x 103MPa respectively. Assuming equal strain in nylon and glass fibre.

4(b) An abrasive material contains 70 volume % alumina, 10 volume % binder and 20 volume % pores. find out and compare the density of abrasive composite if the binder is (i) phenolic and (ii) silica glass. the density of phenolic is 1.28 g/cc and glass 2.2g/cc and alumina is 3.965g/cc.

(a) What are advantages and applications of hand lay-up polymer composite processing technique?

(b) It is desired to produce continuous fibre reinforced epoxy composite having modulus of 5.5 x 104MPa and Tensile strength of 1.2x103MPa in the direction of fibre with 40 volume percentage of fibre. By using following data suggest which the possible combinations are.

Materials              Modulus MPa                           Tensile Strength MPa
Epoxy                         3 x 10                                           72
E-Glass                      7.2 x 103                                       3 x 103
Carbon                     325 x 103                                        3 x 103
Aramid                      124 x 103                                      3.5 x 103

5(a) Mention advantages of MMC compared to PMC. Mention the applications of MMC.

(b) describe diffusion bonding method of manufacturing of MMC with a neat sketch.

(c) What are the functions of ingredients or materials used in SMC preparation (Sheet molding compound).

6(a) List all types of PMC processing techniques. What are closed mould techniques?

(b) describe with a neat sketch the filament winding technique, mention the advantages, disadvantages and applications.

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