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problem 1: Draw the circuit that transmits that part of sine wave that is below +6V.

problem 2: Draw the circuit of a positive clamper that clamped 50V peak square input wave at 15V. Also sketch the output waveform.

problem 3: A ± 25V square wave is to be negatively clamped at 10V. Draw the circuit and output waveform.

problem 4: What do you mean by the term Triggering circuits?

problem 5: What are the applications of the mono stable Multi-vibrator? Why a Monostable multi-vibrator termed as ‘Delay Circuit’.

problem 6: Define the word Recovery Time for Astable Multi-vibrator.

problem 7: What are the other names of the Astable Multi-vibrator?

problem 8: Under what conditions binary is stated to be in the stable state.

problem 9: Design a diode Clamper circuit to clamp the positive peaks of input signal at zero level. The frequency of the input signal is 500 Hz.

problem 10: What do you mean by the term Multi-vibrator? How multi-vibrators are categrized? 

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