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Section A-Descriptive problems


a) Name any two chemical proper ties of the following:

(i) Monosaccharide

(ii) Neutral fats

b) What are polypeptides? Name any four polypeptides which are significant from physiological view point.

c) What are polysaccharides? Describe, highlighting various types of polysaccharides giving appropriate exs.

problem2) a) Describe concept of enzyme specificity, highlighting four different types of enzyme specificity.

b) Graphically illustrate and describe the process involved for the following:

(i) Digestion of proteins

(ii) Absorption and utilization of lipids


Give name, structure of the active forms of following vitamins. Also describe their role in metabolism.

(i) Riboflavin

(ii) Niacin

(iii) Pantothenic acid

(iv) Folic acid

problem4) a) Name the different metabolic pathways available for glucose in a cell.

b) Work out energy (ATP) production when glucose is oxidized in following metabolic pathways:

i) Glycolysis

ii) Citric arid cycle.

a) describe the following:

(i) Fate of pyruvate

(ii) Importance of Gluconeogenesis

b) How does the HMP pathway differ from glycolysis? Discus the metabolic significance of HMP pathway.

problem6) a) Describe and graphically represent β -Oxidation of palmitic acid (C16). Give molecules of ATP obtained from β-Oxidation of 1 molecule of palmitic acid.

b) Briefly describe metabolism of VLDL in our body.


Describe importance and reactions involved in following processes in amino acid metabolism:

(i) Transmutation reaction

(ii) Domination reaction

(iii) Urea cycle

problem8) a) What is De Nova synthesis of Purine. Describe giving reactions.

b) Describe role of vitamin A in visual cycle and role of vitamin D in intestinal absorption of calcium in our today.

9) (a) describe metabolic role of following nutrients:

i) Iron

ii) Selenium

(b) describe biochemical role of hormones produced by following glands in our body:

i) Adrenal Medulla.

ii) Antiriot Pituitary

problem10)a) Describe the concept of signal generation and “second messengers” in context of hormone action.

b) List the various inborn errors of metabolism.

c) Comment on the following statements:

i) In Alcaptonuria the urine becomes dark in color upon standing;

ii) MSUD is also known as branched chain ketonuria;

iii) Tay-Sachs disease is caused by the abnormal gene.

Section B

OTQ (Objective Type problems)

problem1) Distinguish between following sets of terms giving exs/illustrations.

(a) D sugar -L sugar

(b) Amylose – Amylo pectin

(c) n3 fatty acid –n 6 fatty acid

(d) Neutral fats-Phospholipids

(e) Reducing sugar-Non-reducing sugar

(f) Glycosides linkages-Peptide linkages


(h) Cis isomer –Transisomer

(i) Pyridoxal-Pyridoxamine

(j) Ergocalciferol-Cholecalciferol

Describe in 2-3 sentences and also give structure whenever possible.

(a) Mutarotation

(b) Hydrogenation

(c) Zwitterion

(d) Conjugated proteins

(e) PI (of proteins)

(f) Nucleotidestructure

(g) TTP ( ThiaminTriophosphate)

(h) Tocopherol


(j) Isozymes

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