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We are suppose to describe what type of mutation could cause for color variation in certain colonies of E. coli. We first started off with one normal strand of the E. coli bacteria, and after UV light exposure we need to propose a theory of what typeof mutation could cause a single colony to mutate into 5 possible colors (white, pink, orange, red, and dark red).

We also need to know if this mutation could be related somehow to dna repair mechanisms and if they can somehow link to other mutations.

We also noted delayed growth in some of the colonies, ie. after 2 days there was no growth but after 4 there was.

Also, why do they grow in sectioned colonies instead of all together.

Now, I have come up with a few theories on my own. We know that there are certain dimer mutations that include thymine - thymine, but we have to have a relatively simple explanation of how a single mutation can relate with DNA repair and other mutations to cause a single strand of E. coli to change into those 5 different colors.

I have also thought that the insertion of a transposon into an exon: get no expression in all cells descending from the insertion event AND if there was an insertion of one into an intron: there will be altered expression in all cells descending from the insertion event .. But i am not sure if that constitues a mutation. OUR teacher says that it is a lot easier to describe than how i am gonig about it, but he wont help any of the kids. We have already filed a complaint about him to the Biologoy board, and they are sitting in on his classes and i have heard that he will not be around much longer, however this doesn't help our grade. I was told that Organic chem was supppose to be the hardest class that I will take in my few years here...well i have an A easily in Organic Chem, however the teacher we were suppose to have died 4 months before our class started and we have a man who has never taught before and he isnt very good.

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