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1) Compound bar is made up of the central steel plate 60 mm wide and 10 mm thick, to which copper plates 60 mm wide and 5 mm thick are rigidly connected one on either side. Length of bar at normal temperature is 1 m. If temperature is raised by 80oC. Find out the stresses in each metal and its nature. Also determine the change in length. Es = 2x105 Mpa and Ec = 1x105 Mpa. Thermal coefficients of steel and copper are 12x 10-6 /oC and 18x 10-6 /oC respectively.

2) Closed coiled helical spring is made out of 10 mm diameter steel rod, coil consists of 10 complete turns with mean diameter 120 mm. Spring carries the axial pull of 200 N. Determine the maximum shear stress induced in section of the rod. If C=8X104 N/mm2, determine deflection of spring, the stiffness and strain energy stored by spring.

3) Solid shaft is 100mm in diameter. It transmits 120kW at 200 rpm. Determine the maximum intensity of shear stress induced and angle of twist for the length of 6 m. Take C= 8x104 N/mm2.

4) Water is flowing through tapering pipe having diameters 300 mm and 150 mm at sections 1 and 2 respectively. Section 1 is 10 m above datum and section 2 is 6 m above datum. Determine the intensity of pressure at section 2 if that at section 1 is 400 KN/m2. Discharge through the pipe is given as 40 litres/sec.

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