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Answer the following problems in detail.

problem 1) Why are the polynomials most commonly used as interpolation functions in FEA?

problem 2) describe the terms ‘compatibility’ and ‘completeness’ in relation to FEA.

problem 3) What are the various sources of errors in FEA, resulting it into an approximate method?

problem 4) What are the various factors on which the selection of type of element depends in FEA?

problem 5) describe Jacobian matrix in detail.

problem 6) prepare down the principle of minimum potential energy.

problem 7) What do you mean by LST element?

problem 8) prepare down the properties of a stiffness matrix.

problem 9) What do you mean by axisymmetric element?

problem 10) Provide the stiffness matrix equation for an axisymmetric triangular element.

problem 11) Using any method, derive an expression of element stiffness matrix for a 2D truss problem.

problem 12) Describe in detail the Galerkin approach used in FEA.

problem 13) Derive a shape functions for isoparametric rectangular quadratic element using any method.

problem 14) Describe the general assembly method in which an element stiffness matrix is converted to global stiffness matrix.

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