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problem: The sugar contained in RNA molecules is:

A) Uracil
B) Deoxyribose       
C) Sucrose       
D) Ribose

problem: To start DNA replication, the bonds holding the strands together are broken, and the molecule begins to unwind. Which of the following statements best summarizes what happens next?

A) New strands are synthesized and paired with each other
B) Each old strand is broken down into nucleotides
C) Transformation results in a new DNA molecule
D) Each old strand acts as a template for a new strand

problem: Transcription in eukaryotic cells occurs in the

A) Cytoplasm   
B) Ribosome   
C) Cell wall   
D) Nucleus

problem: Which molecules are involved in translation?

A) DNA and RNA            
B) mRNA, tRNA and rRNA   
C) mDNA, tDNA and rDNA   
D) Proteins, amino acids and DNA

problem: When one base is changed to another at a single position in the DNA sequence of a gene, a(n) ________ mutation has occurred.

A) Insertion       
B) Substitution       
C) Frame shift       
D) Deletion

problem: If a protein molecule contains 600 amino acids, the number of DNA bases coding for the molecule was:

A) 1800       
B) 200       
C) 150       
D) 30

problem: The importance of tRNA is that it:

A) Contains codons that specify amino acids.          
B) Carries a specific amino acid to the mRNA
C) Reads the DNA molecule                      
D) Important to the construction of ribosome

problem: If a scientist determines that a molecule of double-stranded DNA contains 30% adenine, which of the following is true?

A) It will contain 30% uracil.
B) It will contain 20% thymine.
C) It will contain 20% guanine.
D) It will contain 30% cytosine.
E) It will contain 40% cytosine.

problem: A change in the genetic message of a cell is referred to as a:

A) Cancer gene       
B) Transduction       
C) Typographical error       
D) Mutation

problem: The “natural” use of restriction enzymes by bacteria is to:

A) Destroy viral DNA    .       
C) Repair “sticky” ends.
B) Integrate viral DNA.           
D) Copy the bacterial genes.

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