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problem 1: Throughout which stage of the cell cycle is the cell growing and making for cellular division?

a) Cytokinesis
b) Anaphase
c) Prophase
d) Interphase

problem 2: The males of a bird species do a dance and sing a song each spring. Illustrate the main aim of these behaviors?

a) To scare off young birds
b) To imprint young birds
c) To clean their feathers
d) To attract female birds

problem 3: The yucca plant discharges a strong scent at night when the yucca moth is active. The yucca moth, attracted by scent, collects pollen from the yucca flower. The yucca moth then deposits her eggs and the pollen on the other plant. This makes sure that the plant will be cross-pollinated and that the yucca moth larvae encompass a steady food supply. Which relationship does this best exemplify?

a) Commensalism
b) Mutualism
c) Parasitism
d) Predation

problem 4: Which environmental concern is most related with the burning fossil fuels?

a) Global climate change
b) Pollution of ocean waters
c) Ozone layer destruction
d) Decrease in levels of atmospheric carbon-dioxide

problem 5: The construction of a new coal-burning power plant would encompass the biggest impact on which environmental matter?

a) Depletion of ozone
b) Production of the acid rain
c) Discharge of radiation
d) Raise in deforestation

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