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problem 1: A pot such made by Revere Copper ('Revereware') has two different metals composing the bottom of the pan- a stainless steel pan 'body' with a copper base formed to the pan on the outside or burner contact surface. Why do you think this is completed? Based on discussions in the book, do you think the heat transfer coefficient will be better with the copper bottom over the stainless steel pan, or is it there 'just for show'? Would a bare stainless steel pan really have a better heat transfer coefficient? Think this one through!                     
problem 2: Throughout a warmer winter or early spring day, wind at 40 deg.F is blowing at a speed of 40 mph parallel to the 12 foot high by 30 foot long wall of a house. Supposing the interior wall surface is 55 deg. F, find out the rate of heat loss via the wall by convection.
problem 3: You are working on a test using a 50 cm. long by 2 cm. diameter electric heating element. The element’s exterior surface is polished aluminum (much low emissivity). The heating wire in the element is placed at the center of the tube and runs the length of element. Both ends are fine insulated, so you are only concerned with what occurs at the cylinder surface. The element is powered with a constant 40 watt energy flow for the test period. If the surface temperature of the element is measured to be 120 deg.C and the surrounding air temperature is 20 deg. C, find out the natural convection heat transfer coefficient

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