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problem 1: describe the ‘three stage process of technical writing’.

problem 2: Describe different elements of a report.

problem 3: Prepare a manual for the operation and maintenance of a concrete mixer.

problem 4: Make a project proposal for construction of a community hall in your area. Suppose any data if needed.

problem 5: There is a proposal for constructing a small dam across a rain-fed river to make water available for irrigation. A reconnaissance survey has been completed. Make a feasibility report for constructing the dam.

problem 6: What is the process of drafting a speech? Describe each aspect in short and clear point-wise format.

problem 7: Describe, in detail, the different formatting features which make a written presentation clear and simple to understand. Describe with some suitable exs.

problem 8: Make an instructional manual for the operation, and maintenance of any equipment (of your choice), with which you are well-versed. Give all essential sketches.

problem 9: You are asked to prepare an inspection report regarding an earthquake hit hilly area, where some dwelling units, a primary school and a community hall have been damaged. Draft the report, to be submitted for demanding instant and long-term financial and other help from the government.

problem 10: Draft a project proposal for the construction of the given:

a) A dispensary.
b) An electric sub-station.                                                                                                                                     

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