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problem1) An ex of an active attack is an attack where someone is eavesdropping on a communication line to capture information being transmitted.

 • True
 • False

problem2) How can a symmetric encryption algorithm be figured out or "cracked"?

A. Cryptanalysis
B. Denial of service
C. Man in the middle
D. Brute force
E. Eavesdropping

1) A, D
2) A, B
3) A, E
4) B, C
5) D, E
6) A, C

problem3) The number of passwords that can be generated from the set of characters {a,b,c,d} with replacement is? (replacement means you can use each character multiple times)

1) 64
2) 24
3) 256
4) 512
5) 1024

problem4) The standard that defines and guides Public Key Infrastructure is:

1) X.800
2) X.509
3) RFC 3280
4) Document - New Directions in Cryptography
5) ASN.1 for PKIX

problem5) Assume there are 256 possible keys in the universe of keys for a particular cipher. How many keys on average would need to be tried to break the cipher?

problem6) A message is sent using a Message Authentication Code (MAC). An attacker intercepts the message, changes the message and sends it to the original recipient. The recipient of the message will not detect the change.

• True
• False

problem7) A block encryption algorithm encrypts fixed size blocks.

• True
• False

problem8) The number of passwords that can be generated from the set of characters {a,b,c,d} without replacement is? (without replacement means you can use each character once and only once)

1) 24
2) 64
3) 128
4) 256
5) 512

problem9) A digital certificate is issued with a digital signature from a certificate authority. The digital certificate binds together a public key with an identity.

• True
• False

problem10) The difference between the DES and 3DES algorithms is?

1) DES is symmetric encryption. 3DES is asymmetric encryption.
2) DES uses 16 subkeys for encryption and decryption, 3DES uses 3.
3) DES uses 1 key for encryption and decryption; 3DES uses 3 keys.
4) 3DES uses a Feistel network, DES does not.
5) None of the answers are correct.


Using a rail fence cipher with depth of 2 decrypt the following ciphertext: TEATIAMDIH HPRYSTINGT_______

problem12) XOR the two values together.

Select the correct result.

0110 1011 1111
1101 1100 1100

1) 0100 1000 1100
2) 1011 0111 0011
3) None of the selections
4) 1111 1111 1111
5) 0100 1000 1100

problem13) An attribute of randomness that can be used to determine the strength of a password is known as?

1) Entropy
2) Diffusion
3) Confusion
4) Maturation
5) Reversability

problem14) The standard that guides Security Architecture for OSI:

1) X.800
2) X.504
3) FIPS Pub 200
4) X.895 Security Standard
5) RFC 2828

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