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Q1. The passageway joining neighboring osteocytes in an osteon is:

a. Central canal.
b. Lamella.
c. Canaliculus.
d. Lacuna.
e. Osteocanal.

Q2. Which of the given is properly matched?

a. short bone -carpal bone
b. long bone-vertebra
c. irregular bone-femur
d. flat bone-phalanges of the toes
e. short bone –humerus

Q3. Illustrate the area where marrow is positioned?

a. Epiphysis
b. Sharpey's fibers
c. Growth plate
d. Medullary cavity
e. Endosteum

Q4. Which of the given events takes place last in intramembranous ossification?

a. Osteoprogenitor cells become the osteoblasts.
b. A membrane of delicate collagen fibers develops.
c. Cancellous bone is formed.
d. Periosteum is formed.
e. Most tiny trabeculae of woven bone develop.

Q5. Which of the given statements regarding the calcium homeostasis is true?

a. Parathyroid hormone inhibits the osteoclast activity.
b. When blood calcium levels are too low, osteoclast activity rises.
c. Raised osteoblast activity raises blood calcium levels.
d. Parathyroid hormone raises calcium loss from the kidney.
e. Calcitonin elevates the blood calcium levels.

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