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1. The liquid part of the blood is termed as ______. Most of the plasma is comprised of ______ that serves as a solvent and carries heat. ______ Such as sodium, potassium and ______ serve to maintain the osmotic balance in the blood. The protein ______ aids to maintain the thickness of blood. ______ helps in clotting the blood. Lastly ______ serve as antibodies in the blood.

2. The three kinds of formed elements in the blood are ______, ______ and ______. The ______ have hemoglobin and serve to carry oxygen. The white cells, as well termed ______, serve to make antibodies and to do phagocytosis. The platelets aid the blood to clot, which is termed as ______. Five various types of WBC are ______, ______, ______, ______ and ______.

3. The platelets release some factors which activate a protein already in the blood, ______. This then becomes thrombin. The thrombin transforms fibrinogen to ______, which causes the blood cells in the area to be tangled in the protein web. This is termed as the ______. At times a clot forms in a blood vessel. This is termed as a ______. If this clot moves from that position elsewhere in the body, it is termed as a ______.

4. Type A blood consists of ______ on the surface of the red blood cells. Type B blood consists of ______ on the surface of the red blood cells. Type AB blood has ______ and ______ on the surface of the red blood cells. A type AB person can get blood from ______. A type O person can receive blood from ______.

5. The heart is in the middle thoracic cavity, termed as the ______. The membrane around the heart is the ______. The thick muscular wall of heart is the ______. The smooth inner lining of the heart is ______.

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