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Q1. A place where two or more bones come altogether is:

a) Cavity.
b) Joint.
c) Contusion.
d) Articulation.
e) Joint and an articulation.

Q2. Joints are categorized according to the:

a) Bones which are united at joint.
b) Structure of joint.
c) Size of joint.
d) Shape of joint.
e) Type of fluid in the joint.

Q3. Cartilaginous joints:

a) Are common in skull.
b) Unite two bones by means of fibro-cartilage or hyaline cartilage.
c) Permit the most movement between the bones.
d) Are found in the lower leg.
e) Are not found in pelvic region.

Q4. Synovial joints are distinct from both the fibrous and cartilaginous joints as synovial joints

a) Utilize fibrous connective tissue to hold the bones in joint altogether.
b) Are enclosed through a joint capsule.
c) Are only temporary; they are replaced in the adult.
d) Usually have both bones in the joint fused altogether.
e) Are not freely moveable.

Q5. Synovial fluid:

a) Is a double layer of tissue which encloses a joint.
b) Is a thin lubricating film covering the surface of joint.
c) Gives a smooth surface where bones meet.
d) Is a layer of tissue which is continuous with the periosteum.
e) Lines the joint everywhere apart from over the articular cartilage.

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