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1) Design the structure of power diode. Specify the attributes that are different from the small signal diode.

2) Design and describe the features of SCR. describe the effect of the gate current on operation of SCR.

3) Describe the two transistor analogy of SCR. describe the relation between anode current and gate current.

4) Describe the following terms related to SCR:

a) Latching current

b) On state voltage

c) Holding current

d) Reverse break over voltage.

5) describe the difference between GTO and conventional thyristor in terms of commutation and also specify any two benefits over conventional Thyristor.

6) Design the constructional diagram of GTO and describe its operation.

7) Specify four modes of operation of the TRIAC. Describe any one mode with the help of neat and labelled diagram.

8) Sketch the symbol and V-I characteristics of the following:


b) GTO


9) Describe the operation of the PUT.

10) describe the working of SBS and draw the diagram.

11) prepare the comparison between UJT and PUT on the basis of the following:

a) Construction

b) Symbol

c) Working Principle

d) Applications.

12) Describe the operation of DIAC.

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