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Q1. Some of the significant functions of the skeletal system comprise:

a. Protection of brain and soft organs.
b. Storage of water.
c. Production of Vitamin E.
d. Regulation of acid-base balance.
e. Integration of other systems.

Q2. Cartilage:

a. Composed of osteons.
b. Surrounded through a membrane termed as the periosteum.
c. Includes chondrocytes positioned in lacunae.
d. Doesn’t need nutrients and oxygen so it has no blood vessels.
e. Is well vascularized.

Q3. Collagen and calcium hydroxyapatite are the main constituents of :

a. Bone matrix.
b. Hyaline cartilage.
c. Fibrous cartilage.
d. Ligaments.
e. Blood.

Q4. Primary function of the osteoblasts is to:

a. Prevent osteocytes from forming.
b. Resorb bone all along the epiphyseal plate.
c. Inhibit the growth of bone.
d. Stimulate bone growth.
e. Lay down bone matrix.

Q5. The cord of connective tissue which attaches muscle to bone is:

a. Ligament.
b. Periosteum.
c. Endosteum.
d. Tendon.
e. Muscle spindle.

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