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1. Soil is best described as a natural system consisting of which components:

Sand, Silt, Clay?
Mineral matter, organic matter, water, air?
mineral matter, organic mater?
mineral matter, organic matter, water

2. What is the correct sequence of soil components form least to highest in composition?
mineral matter, water, air, organic matter?
organic matter, air, water, mineral matter
air, water, mineral matter, organic matter?
water, organic matter, air mineral matter

3. Which soil has the slowest water permeability? 

4. Which soil has the lowest water holding capacity. 


5. Which soil sturcture has the most rapid water permeability? 
single grain

6. Whether a soil is acidic, neutral or alkali can be determined by a soils_____. 
relative amount of a soils hydrogen (H+) and hydroxides (OH-)
Both A and B (1 and 2)

7. Most plants need at least _________ essetial nutrients to grow. 

8. Which activity decreases the soil nutrient content? 
harvensting corps?
decay of animal wastes
nitrogen fixation by nodule bacteria?
decay of corp residues

9. The development of 1/4 inch of soil in the southwest may require _______ years to complete. 

10. Soil profile is_________. 

the arrangement in layers of horrizons?
The size of soil particles?
the shape of soil aggregates?
the parent material (mineral) content of soil

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