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1) Gas turbine working on theoretical air cycle illustrates air originally at 250c and 1 bar. Maximum pressure and temperature is 3 bar and 6500c. Compute heat supplied, air standard efficiency,  heat rejected, work output per kg of air exhaust temperature.

2) In air standard Brayton cycle, air enters compressor at 1 bar and 150c. Pressure leaving compressor is 5 bar, maximum temperature in the cycle 9000c. Determine the given:

a. Compressor and expander work per kg of air

b. Cycle efficiency. If ideal regenerator is incorporated into cycle, find out % change in efficiency.

3) Let stationary power plant operating on ideal Brayton cycle. Pressure ratio of cycle is 8 and gas temperature at compressor inlet and turbine inlet are 270c & 10270c respectively. Find out the following:

a. Gas temperature at compressor and turbine exit

b. Back work ratio and

c. Thermal efficiency.

Suppose Ρr1= 1.386 and Ρr3= 330.9. Where, Ρr is relative pressure.

4) prepare down the different process of Brayton cycle. Describe them in detail.

5) Sketch the p-V and T-s diagram of Brayton cycle and describe it in detail.

6) prepare down the principle of operation of the simple jet propulsion system.

7) Draw the suitable schematic arrangement of open cycle gas turbine plant and prepare down name of the components.

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