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1) Categorize IC engine according to cycle of lubrication system and field of application.

2) prepare down the different components of IC engines.

3) prepare down the name of the basic thermodynamic cycles of two types of internal combustion reciprocating engines.

4) prepare down the significant requites of liner material.

5) Describe full pressure lubrication system I.C Engine.

6) Describe the water cooling system in I.C Engine .

7) Describe the 2 types of Ignition system In 5.1 Engine.

8) Sketch and describe the valve timing diagram of 4 stroke Diesel Engine.

9) Sketch and describe the port timing diagram of 2stroke Petrol Engine.

10) Describe with neat and suitable sketch the exhaust gas analysis.

11) Results given below refer to a test on a petrol engine Indicated power = 30 Kw, Brake power = 6Kw Engine speed = 1000 rpm Fuel brake power/ hour = 0.35 kg Calorific value of fuel = 43900kj/kg. Compute: the indicated Thermal efficiency, the brake Thermal efficiency and the Mechanical efficiency.

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