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1) Sketch a neat diagram of cotter joint and state different strength equations for its full design.

2) Draw a Turn- Buckle for carrying a load of 100 KN. The tie rod and nut are formed of similar material having the permissible tensile stress as 75 MPa and shear stress as 30 MPa. Make a neat sketch of the joint.

3) A hand lever for the brake is 0.8 meter long from the centre of shaft to the point of application of 300N effort. The efficient overhang from nearest bearing is 100mm. If the permissible stress in the compression and shear is 60MPa. Develop the shaft, key and lever arm. Suggest lever arm to be rectangular having B= 2t.

4) Draw a Knuckle Joint subjected to the maximum pull force of 70KN. The final tensile stress and shear stress is 510MPa and 396MPa respectively. Assume factor of safety as 6.

5) A right angled Bell crank lever having one arm 500mm and other arm 150mm is used to lift the load of 5KN. The permissible stresses for the pin and lever are 80MPa in tension and compression and 60MPa in shear. The bearing pressure on pin is not to exceed 10MPa. Find the dimensions of rectangular cross-section of lever (b=2h) and pin diameter.

6) A cotter joint is subjected to the axial load of 100KN. The permissible stresses are 80N/mm2in tension, 100N/mm2 in compression and 35N/mm2 in shear. Draw the joint.

7) Draw ‘C’ clamp frame for the total clamping force of 20KN. The cross- section of a frame is rectangular having width to thickness ratio 2. The distance between load line and neutral axis of rectangular section is 180mm. The permissible tensile stress is 100N/mm2

8) The efficient length of the hand lever is 1 meter. The efficient overhang from the nearest bearing is 150mm. The lever is formed of alloy steel for which the permissible tensile stress is 115N/mm2 and shear stress is 57.5N/mm2. Maximum force on handle is 300N. Draw the hand lever.

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