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Answer the following problems in detail.

problem 1) Describe briefly the rules to be considered while designing any CAD software

problem 2) A single row angular contact ball bearing no. 310 is used for an axial flow compressor. The bearing is to carry a radial load of 2500 N and an axial load of 1500 N. Find out the rating life of the bearing if radial and thrust factors are 1 & 0 respectively. Take service factor = 1.5.

problem 3) A single cylinder double acting steam engine develops 150 kW at a mean speed of 80 rpm. The coefficient of fluctuation of energy is 0.1 and fluctuation of speed is ± 2% of mean speed. If the mean diameter of the flywheel is 2 meters and the hub and spokes provide 5% of the rotational inertia of the wheel, determine the mass of the flywheel.

problem 4) Describe logically with proper reason the procedure to compute the lengths of all leaves in laminated/leaf spring.

problem 5) Single plate clutch, effective on both sides, is required to transmit 25 kW at 3000 rpm. Determine the outer and inner diameters of frictional surfaces if the μ = 0 .255 are r2 / r1 = 1.25 and maximum pressure = 0.1 MPa. Using theory of uniform wear determine axial thrust to be provided by springs.

problem 6) Provide common design procedure for design of chain in chain-drive. State all checks required. Don’t design sprockets.

problem 7) A pair of spur gears with 20° full depth involute teeth consists of a 20 teeth pinion meshing with a 41 teeth gear. The module is 3mm while the face width is 40 mm. The material for gear and pinion has ultimate tensile strength of 600 N/mm2. The gears are heat treated to a surface hardness of 400 BHN. The pinion rotates at 1450 rpm and the service factor =1.75, suppose f.o.s. = 1.5; determine the rated power that the gears can transmit. Base your design on smaller of the beam and wear strength of the weaker of pinion and gear.

problem 8) Sketch a full hydrodynamic journal, bearing with following specification for machine tool application:

Journal diameter = 75 mm
Radial Speed= 10 kN
Journal Speed = 1440 rpm
Minimum oil film thickness= 22.5 microns
Inlet temperature= 40°C
Bearing material= Babbit

Find out the length of the bearing and choose appropriate oil for this application.

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