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1)(a) Divide (97A)16/(72)16.

(b) Determine the subtraction 7188 – 3049 by using 10’s complement and 9’s complement method.

(c) Transform Binary code number 10111 to Gray

(d) Reduce the expression X+X’Y+XY.

2)(a) Simplify the Boolean function xy + x’ z + yz to minimum number of literals.

(b) State the Boolean function F = xy + x’z in the product of Max terms and sum of Min terms.

(c) Determine the complement of x + yz

(d) Define and prove absorption and involution theorem.

3) Draw a Binary  to BCD code converter.

4) Simplify the function F by using don’t care condition d in SOP and POS form by using K map.

F = B’DE’ + A’BE + B’C’E’ + A’BC’D’.
D = BDE’ + CD’E’

5)(a) Realize a full adder circuit with Multiplexer.

(b) Draw 4 lines to 2 line priority Encoder.

6)(a) Combinational circuit is defined by given three  functions F1 = x’y’ + xyz’ F2 = x’ + y  F3 = xy + x’y’. Draw the circuit with a decoder and external gates.

(b) Design the functional table and logic diagram of DE multiplexer.

7)(a) prepare brief notes on Binary up – down counter.

(b) prepare down the difference between synchronous and asynchronous circuits.

8)(a) Describe TTL with neat and suitable sketches.

(b) Describe briefly about ECL

9)(a) prepare short notes on RAM and ROM.

(b) describe PAL and PLA in detail.

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