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prepare down a 700 to 1,400 word report which answers all of the problems below.

For the Temperature and Precipitation Graph:

a) Review the temperature and precipitation data. How does the combination of temperature variation and precipitation levels find out the biotic features of the biomes?

b) Select one of the biomes. What are the main abiotic features of the biome?

c) How do these features affect the animals, plants, and their resources living in the environment?

d) Where in the world does this biome take place? What is special about the location(s) of this biome, on the planet, which causes it to have such temperature and precipitation patterns

For the Intraspecific Competition Graph:

Note: This graph represents information on predator-prey interactions. It as well gives information, indirectly, regarding intraspecific competition.

a) Review the Intraspecific Competition data. describe how is the predator community influenced by low numbers of prey?

b) describe how do high numbers of predators influence the prey community?

c) What is intraspecific competition? What inferences can be drawn regarding the significance of intraspecific competition in the predator-prey oscillations?

d) prepare down some possible effects on other species in the ecological community?

For the Interspecific Competition Graph:

Note: This graph mainly focuses on the success of kittens based on the age of the mother cats. Some inferences can be made regarding interspecific competition though the data don't bear on this concept directly.

a) Review the Interspecific Competition data, what behavioral data might be inferred from graph?

b) What factors might be responsible for the success of the older mother's offspring? Suggest a scenario which  might describe the data recorded.

c) What do you mean by interspecific competition. How might interspecific competition influence reproductive success of cats?

d) What implications can you infer from the three graphs regarding the relationship between plants and animals?

Comprise data in the graphs to support your answers.

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