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problem 1:

Illustrate out the depolarization of a cell?

problem 2:

What do you understand by the term Single Motor Unit Action Potential (SMUAP)?

problem 3:

Make a distinction between Heart sound and Murmur.

problem 4:

Provide the physiological nature of P wave of an ECG signal.

problem 5:

prepare down the significance of concurrent, coupled and correlated processes?

problem 6:

Illustrate out the term carotid pulse.

problem 7:

Illustrate: Deterministic signal with an ex.

problem 8:

Mention the causes of low frequency artifacts in ECG signal.

problem 9:

prepare down the advantages of the Moving Average Filters.

problem 10:

Under what conditions we can select the frequency domain fixed filtering.

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For the following pairs of voltages and currents, indicate whether the element involved is a capacitor, an inductor, or a resistor, and the value of C, L, or R if sufficient data are given

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