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1) PQRS is a four bar chain with link PS is fixed. The lengths of the links are PQ=62mm; QR=175mm; RS=112mm and PS=200 mm. The crank PQ rotates at 10 rad/sec clockwise. Develop the velocity and acceleration diagram when angle QPS= 60°, Q and R lie on the same side of PS. Determine the angular velocity and acceleration of the links QR and RS.

2) describe the four bar mechanism and its inversions with neat sketches.

3) Synthesize the slider crank mechanism so that the displacement of the slider is proportional to the square of the crank rotation in the interval 45° ≤ θ ≤ 135°. Use three precision points with Chebyshev’s spacing. Suppose, the starting displacement of the slider is 100 mm and final displacement is 30 mm.

4) The crank of a slider crank mechanism rotates clockwise at a constant Speed of 400 rpm. The crank is 160 mm and the connecting rod is 650 mm long. Find:

a) The linear velocity and acceleration of the slider

b) The angular velocity and angular acceleration of the connecting rod, at a crank angle of 45° from the inner dead center position.

5) Construct the cam profile of a cam to suit the following specifications: Least radius of cam=25 mm, Diameter of roller = 25 mm, (a) the angle of lift =120°, (b) the angle of dwell =45°, (c)the angle of fall =150°, (d) remaining dwell. During the lift and fall the motion of the follower is uniform acceleration and deceleration. The line of stroke is passé through the axis of the cam.

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