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problem 1: What are the different schedules taken out in the coaches? List all the different items that are attended, examined throughout the A schedule of a coach.

problem 2: What are the items taken out all through POH of a coach?

problem 3: Please indicate the benefits of LHB coaches over the ICF coaches in terms of Design, speed or the Ride quality.

problem 4: On an 18 coach train with coach mounted brake cylinder, 4 brake cylinders are inoperative. Compute the brake power percentage of this train.

problem 5: describe the main parts of the ICF bogies.

problem 6: What do you mean by fail safe brake? How is it attained on the air brake systems?

problem 7: In brief list all the different types of repair schedules of the coach?

problem 8: prepare down eight components of twin pipe air brake system of the coach.

problem 9: prepare brief note on the ICF bogie.

problem 10: Please point out three characteristics of the ICF coaches which are not present in the IRS coaches. 

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