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1)(a) Plate 0.025 mm distance from the fixed plate, moves at 60 cm/s and needs force of 2 N/m2 to maintain this speed. Find out the fluid viscosity between plates.

(b) Find out the capillary rise in water in the tube of 0.25 cm diameter.  Surface tension of water= 0.073 N/m.  Suppose contact angle equal to zero.

2) Triangular plate of 1.0 m base and 1.5 m height is immersed in water.  Plane of the plate is inclined at= 30o with free surface of water and base is parallel to and at depth of 2m from water surface.  Determine total pressure on plate and the position of center of pressure.

3) Deduce the expression for Bernoulli’s theorem from first principle and prepare down the assumptions made for such derivation.

4)(a) The orifice meter with orifice diameter 8 cm is inserted in the pipe of 20 cm diameter.  Pressure gauges fitted upstream and downstream of orifice meter and given readings of 20 N/cm2 and 10 N/cm2 respectively. Co-efficient of discharge of meter is= 0.62.  Determine discharge of water through the pipe.

(b) Determine the velocity of flow of oil through the pipe when difference of mercury level in the differential U-tube manometer connected to two tappings of pitot – tube is 12 cm.  Coefficient of pitot tube+ 0.98 and specific gravity of oil= 0.8.

5) Rectangular orifice 0.8m wide and 1.0m deep is discharge water from the vessel.  Top edge of orifice is= 0.6m below the water surface in a vessel.  Compute discharge through orifice if cd = 0.632 and percentage of error if orifice is treated as small orifice.

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