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1) Diameter of horizontal pipe which is 250 mm in diameter is suddenly enlarged to 500 mm.  Rate of flow of water through this pipe is 0.4 m/s.  If intensity of pressure in smaller pipe is= 125 N/m2, find out:

(i) Loss of head due to sudden enlargement,

(ii) Intensity of pressure in the larger pipe and

(iii) Power lost due to enlargement.

2)a) Describe the working principle of centrifugal pump with a neat and suitable sketch.

(b) prepare a brief note on multi – staging.

3) Single acting reciprocating pump having bore of 150 mm diameter and stroke of 300 mm length discharges 200 liters of water per minute at 40 rpm.  Delivery and suction heads are 26.0 m and 4.0m respectively.  Neglecting losses, determine:

(i) Theoretical discharge in litres per minute,

(ii) Coefficient of discharge,

(iii) Slip of the pump and

(iv) Power required to drive pump with 80% efficiency.

4)(a) Describe why draft tube is used in the reaction turbine?  describe with and suitable diagrams, kinds of draft tubes.

(b) Describe Kaplan turbine in detail with neat and suitable sketch.

5) Pelton wheel has mean bucket speed of 10 m/s with the jet of water flowing at a rate of 750 liters/sec under a head of 30 m.   Bucket deflects jet through the angle of 160o.  Compute the power given by water to runner and hydraulic efficiency of the turbine.  Suppose coefficient of velocity= 0.981.

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