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problem 1) Mention three major ways in which the body uses food.

problem 2) prepare down the words missing from the following paragraph:

Fats and carbohydrate both provide the body with ……., but fats can provide …….. as much  as carbohydrates. Excess fats can be stored in the body but carbohydrates must be changed  into …….. or ………. before they can be stored. The main types of carbohydrates are …….. , ……… and ……… exs of foods rich in starch are  …….. and ……….  foods rich in fat are …….. and ……..

problem 3) In what form is most. carbohydrate taken in the normal diet?

problem 4) prepare down the words omitted from the following paragraph:

Proteins are made up of about 20 different …….. One ex of a plant product rich in protein is …….. . An animal product rich in protein is …….. . When a protein is digested, it is broken down into its constituent …….. and these are later built up in the body to make new ……… Excess  proteins which are not used for making new cells or tissues are converted to …….. which can be stored or used to provide ……… .

problem 5) Which of the following are not rich in carbohydrate: bread, fish, potatoes, beans, meat, lettuce, sugar, biscuits?

problem 6)(a) Carbohydrates contain the elements ……. , …….. and ………

(b) Proteins contain these elements but also ……... and ……….

problem 7)(a) Name the mineral elements needed by (i) bones, (ii) red blood cells,  (iii) the thyroid gland

(b) Which of these elements is (i) present in milk, (ii) lacking in milk?

problem 8) prepare one benefit of including vegetable fibre (roughage) in the diet..

problem 9)(a) Which vitamin helps to maintain resistance to infectious diseases?

(b) Name two foods which are a good source of this vitamin.

problem 10)(a) Which vitamin is essential for the proper development of the skeleton?

(b) Name two foods which are a good source of this vitamin.

problem 11) A balanced diet should contain enough energy to meet the body's needs. What else must it contain? 

problem 12) Could you survive on a diet which contained no carbohydrate?

problem 13) Western diets are often unhealthy because they contain too much ……… and ……..  and not enough  …………….

problem 14) How does refrigeration help to stop food from going bad?

problem 15) prepare the method of pasteurisation of milk.

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