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problem 1) Name the two systems which help to co-ordinate the body's actions.

problem 2) Name the two structures which make up the central nervous system.

problem 3)(a) The nerve fibres which carry impulses from the sense organs to the central nervous  system are called ….. A ….. fibres.

(b) The nerve fibres which carry impulses from the central nervous system to the glands and muscles are called ….. B ….. fibres.

problem 4) Complete the passage below, selecting the appropriate words from the list below.

A neurone (nerve cell) consists of a ….. A ….. containing a nucleus surrounded by  ….. B ….. Branching filaments, called ….. C ….., extend from the cell surface and make  ….. D ….., with other neurones. In ….. E ….. and ….. F ….. neurones, one of  the filaments is  very long and is called ,,,,, G …..

sensory, nerve fibre, cell body, impulses, dendrons,  dendrites, motor, contact, axons, synapses, cytoplasm

problem 5) Which one of the following is the most likely speed of conduction of a nerve impulse?

10 metres per second
50 metres per second
1000 metres per second.

problem 6) Which one of the following best describes how we can tell which part of the body a sensory nerve impulse comes from?

(a) Impulses from each part of the body are different.

(b) Each part of the body is connected to its own region of the brain.

(c) Sensations of touch, heat, light etc. are carried by nerve fibres to the brain.

(d) We learn from experience where the impulses come from.

problem 7) Give three exs of reflex actions.

problem 8) Complete the passage below, selecting the most appropriate words from the list below.

In a spinal reflex a …..A … stimulated  to produce a nerve impulse which travels in a ….. B ….. fibre to the ….. C ….. Here, the nerve fibre makes a …..D ….. with a relay (association) …… E …..which transmits the impulse to a ….. F ….. fibre. This fibre conducts the impulse to an …..G ….. organ such as muscle.

effector, tendon, sensory, sense organ,  motor, nerve, brain, spinal cord, active, synapse, neurone

problem 9) In a reflex knee-jerk, what is (a) the receptor, (b) the effector?

problem 10) Match the following structures and functions of the brain.

(a) Cerebellum.                   (i) Memory and reasoning.
(b) Medulla.                        (ii) Balance and muscular co-ordination.
(c) Cerebral hemisphere      (iii) Control of heart beat and breathing.
(d) Mid-brain.                      (iv) Eye movements. 

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