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The computerized simulation gives information on the passage of water and solutes via semi-permeable membranes. We are given with information concerning the beakers filled with solute and de-ionized water. As per the information the left beaker will be filled with solutes and the right beaker will be filled with de-ionized water. We are as well given with four distinct molecular weight cut-offs (MWCO) and they are 20, 50, 100 and 200. MWCO describes the molecular weight at which a compound will be 90 percent retained following overnight (17-hour) dialysis. The MWCO is determined by testing many diverse proteins of known molecular weight. MWCO indirectly finds out the pore size.

Simple diffusion is a method in which the diffusion of solute particles dissolved in water via a differentially permeable membrane, as an outcome of their random thermal motion. If the diffusion of water occurs via semi-permeable membrane it is known as Osmosis. The movement of substance in both the method includes the movement of molecules from the region of its higher concentration to the region of its lower concentration that is down its concentration gradient. To find out the solutes which passed from left beaker to the right through the semi-permeable membrane, we have to determine the molecular weight of the given molecules or solutes. The solutes given are NaCl, Urea, Albumin and Glucose. NaCl doesn’t move as a molecule, it dissociates to Na+ and Cl- ions in water. Let us now prepare the molecular weight of different solutes given to us to determine whether it can pass via the given MWCO or not.

Molecular weight of NaCl             58.44
Molecular weight of Na                22.990
Molecular weight of Cl                 35.453
Molecular weight of Urea             60.07
Molecular weight of Albumin        66.430 kDa
Molecular weight of Glucose        180.15588

Name the solute displayed the highest rate of diffusion via the 200 MWCO membranes?

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