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problem 1:

a) A pipe 250 m long has a slope of 1 in 100 and tapers from 1.5 m diameter at the higher end to 0.7m at the lower end. The quantity of water owing is 700 litres/second. If the pressure at the higher end is 60 KPa, and the pressure at the lower end.

b) Mention any eight practical applications of Bernoulli`s energy theorem.

problem 2: A pressure gauge is fitted at the bottom of a closed vessel to which a simple manometer is also fitted as shown in figure below. Determine the reading indicated by the pressure gauge if manometric liquid is mercury.

90_manometric liquid.jpg

problem 3: What are the different types of fluid flow? describe.
problem 4: A rectangular plate 3.5mx 8m is immersed vertically in water such that the 3.5m side is parallel to the water surface. Determine the hydrostatic force and the centre of pressure if the top edge of the surface is:

a) Flush with the water surface
b) 3m below the water surface. Also comment on the results.
problem 5:

a) Water is pumped at the rate of 0.7m3/s through a 25cm diameter pipe upto a hill top. Hill top has an elevation of 45m, and the diameter of the pipe line reduces to 25cm. If the pump maintains a pressure of 9810N/m2 at hill top, determine the pressure at the foot of the hill. What is the power required to pump the water?

b) A pipe of 350mm diameter conveying 0.43m3/s of water has a right angled bend in a horizontal plane. Find the resultant force exerted on the bend if the pressure at inlet and  outlet of the bend are 30N/cm2 and 27N/cm2.
problem 6: An inverted U-tube manometer is connected to two horizontal pipes A and B through which water is owing. The vertical distance between the axes of these pipes is 20cm. When an oil of specific gravity 0.7 is used as a gauge fluid, the vertical heights of water columns in the two limbs of the inverted manometer (when measured from the respective centre lines of the pipes) are found to be same and equal to 25cm. Sketch the configuration. Determine the difference of pressure between the pipes.

problem 7:

a) Find the throat diameter of a venturimeter, when fitted to a horizontal main 10 cm diameter having a discharges of 20 litres per second. Pressure gauges inserted at the entrance and throat indicate pressures 158 kPa and 82 kPa respectively. Take Cd = 0.95.

b) If instead of pressure gauges, the entrance and throat of the meter are connected to the two limbs of a U-tube mercury manometer, determine its reading in cm of differential mercury column.

c) In case the venturimeter is located in a vertical pipe, with water owing upwards, and the difference in the readings of the mercury manometer. Throat section is 20 cm above the entrance section of the venturimeter. Further, dimensions of pipe and venturimeter remain unaltered, as well as the discharge through the pipe.

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