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Match the subsequent with appropriate options.

1. Which of the following isn't found in neurons?

1) rough endoplasmic reticulum (ER) located in the cell body

2) many different types of integral membrane ion channels

3) microtubules located in axons

4) mitochrondria located at the axon terminal

5) these are all found in neurons

2. describe the after-hyperpolarization phase of the action potential is due to

1) A decrease in the membrane permeability of K+

2) An increase in the membrane permeability of K+.

3) A decrease in the membrane permeability of Na+.

4) An increase in the membrane permeability of Na+.

5) None of the above

3. describe Catecholamine neurotransmitters are commonly synthesized

1) In the soma.

2) On microtubules.

3) In glia.

4) In the nerve terminal.

5) In the synaptic cleft.

6) In dendrites.

4. describe IP3 acts as a secondary messenger in the cell because

1) it catalyses the production of cGMP

2) it activates Protein Kinase C

3) it causes the release of calcium from intracellular stores

4) it binds with glutamate channels

5) none of the above

5.  describe Brodmann first defined areas of the neocortex based on differences in

1) function.

2) electrical activity.

3) neurotransmitter concentrations.

4) ionic concentrations.

5) cytoarchitecture cell shape and arrangement)

6) none of the above.

6. If you were to section the T2 segment (thoracic segment 2) and which plane would you use in order to see the ventral and dorsal horns form the H pattern of gray matter that is characteristic of the spinal cord?:

1) sagittal plane

2) parasagittal plane

3) transverse plane

4) coronal plane

5) none of the above

7.  describe the Na+/K+ ATPase uses ATP energy to move 3 Na+ ions out of the cell as well as 2 K+ ions into the cell:

1) true

2) false

8.  describe an action potential initiates at the axon hillock and not in the soma or dendrites because

1) There is a concentration of voltage-gated sodium channels at this site.

2) The soma and dendrites have few voltage-gated sodium channels.

3) The membrane potential of the soma and dendrites is unable to reach threshold (-55mV).

4) a and b

5) all of the above

9.  describe acetylcholine is removed from the synapse by sss

1) diffusion out of the synaptic gap

2) enzymatic breakdown

3) uptake by astrocytes that surround the synapse

4) re-uptake by the postsynaptic terminal

5) all of the above

10. describe whether a neurotransmitter is excitatory or inhibitory is determined by the type of the receptor to which it binds

1) true

2) false

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