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problem 1: List out various methods for determination of permeability and describe any one in detail all along with a neat sketch.

problem 2: Derive the discharge equation for steady state artesian flow all along with a neat sketch and assumptions adopted.

problem 3: At a certain point in an unconfined aquifer of 3 km2 area, the water table was at an elevation of 102.00 m. Due to natural recharge in a wet season, its level rose to 103.20 m. A volume of 1.5 Mm3 of water was then pumped out of the aquifer causing the water table to reach a level of 101.20 m. Supposing the water table in the entire aquifer to respond in a similar way, estimate

a) The specific yield of the aquifer and
b) The volume of recharge during the wet season

problem 4: During hydrogeological investigation two potential aquifers 32 Km apart, were, located, one being 5000 years and the other 25000 years old. They were found to be connected by a water bearing stratum of 30m thickness running inclined at 20m/km. From few observation wells, the hydraulic gradient was found to be 0.2m/Km. Determine the transmissibility of the water bearing stratum.

problem 5:

a) A 40cm well penetrates an aquifer of 30m thick and the length of the screen is 10m.The yield is 3000 lpm with a drawdown of 2.5m. If the length of the screen is increased to 20m, what will be the drawdown in the well and the increase in the specific capacity?
(b) In Krishna river basin, AP, India, consisting of 22 km2 of plains, the maximum fluctuation of ground water table is 3m. Assuming a specific yield of 16%, what is the probable ground water storage?

problem 6: What is the flow rate in the confined aquifer shown in the figure.

1301_groundwater management.jpg

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