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problem 1: With the help of appropriate graph describe the radar cross section of a sphere.

problem 2: Derive the radar range equation in terms of the signal to noise ratio.

problem 3: In brief describe different types of losses occurring in the radar systems.

problem 4: Define the term integration improvement factor.

problem 5: Derive surveillance radar range equation.

problem 6: Consider s band pulse radar with the given parameters:

Peak transmitted power = 300 kW
Pulse width = 1msec
PRF = 600 Hz
Antenna radius = 6 ft.
Transmitted frequency = 3000 MHz
Transmit loss = 6 dB
Antenna efficiency = 0.95

Compute the maximum signal power at the range of the 50 nautical miles.

problem 7: Consider radar with multiple PRF ranging by using f1= 13.770 KHz and f2 = 14.580 KHz. Compute the unambiguous range of each prf. Describe the requirement of multiple PRF.

problem 8: Consider C band radar transmitting at a frequency of 5 GHz and having an antenna of 6 feet radius. Pt = 1 MW, pulse width = 1 sec, PRF = 200 Hz, equivalent noise temperature = 600 K, receiver bandwidth = 1MHz, radar cross section of target = 100 m2. Compute the available range of the radar for unity signal to the noise ratio.

problem 9: A 12 GHz radar has the given parameters:

Pt = 240 KW, power gain of antenna = 2400, minimum detectable signal power by receiver = 10-14 watts. Cross sectional area of radar antenna = 10 m2. Determine the maximum range up to which a target of 3 m2 can be detected.

problem 10: For the radar system, the given parameters are given:

Bandwidth of IF amplifier = 1 MHz
Tolerable average false alarm time = 15 minutes
Probability of false alarm = 1.11*10-9

Determine the ratio of threshold voltage to R.M.S. value of noise voltage essential to accomplish this false alarm time. Derive the formula utilized.

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