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Learning Outcomes:

On completion of assignment you must be able to demonstrate the following learning outcomes:

1) Improve on an undamped control system in order for it to exhibit a stable response.
2) Investigate and report upon the use of control in improving a system's response.

After completion of the assignment the students will be able to understand:

• Designing a system.
• Mounting the components on PCB and soldering.
• Interfacing components and peripherals with microcontroller.
•  Programming 8051.

Assignment Title:

Speed control of DC motor using PID (proportional integral derivative) control.
The objective of the project is to protect damage of the DC motors. If the motor is not working it will be shown with red light, if working normally then green and if working at the slow speed then it will glow yellow light. Block diagram of the circuitry consists of the following components:

210_DC motor.jpg
Design Steps

• Firstly Design circuit for the assignment
• Prepare the layout and draw it on PCB.
• Design the programming for the assignment.
• Perform soldering and complete the circuit.

Documents: Coursework Report
You are advised to limit the number of pages of the report to forty (40) pages. The font size used in the report should be 12pt and Times New Roman. The report must be typed and clearly printed. The following is a report format:

Cover Page:
The front cover should be presented with the following details:

• Module
• Coursework Title
• Intake
• Student name and id
• Date Assigned (the date the report was handed out).
• Date Completed (the date the report is due to be handed in).


1. Objective, working principle and detailed theory               
2. Circuit Designand implementation
3. Programming
4. Result and Conclusion         
5. Formatting of report 
6. References

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