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problem 1:

Illustrate the differentiations in the composition of molten pig iron which can be employed to convert in steel in acid and basic bessmer procedures. Also describe what are the reasons for such a difference in the compositions.

problem 2:

Illustrate the heat sources in acid besserner procedure and basic besserner process.

problem 3:

What are the benefits of basic open hearth furnace over the furnace having the silica roof?

problem 4:

Illustrate about the different cross-section and shapes of molds employed for casting of steel.

problem 5:

Compare cementation steel making and crucible steel making procedures with regard to processes, quality and properties of steels produced.

problem 6:

Illustrate out the principle of V AR process.

problem 7:

prepare down the advantages of V AR process.

problem 8:

Illustrate the V AR process.

problem 9:

Illustrate Vacuum degassing principles. Compare Vacuum degassing with the Argon rinsing.

problem 10:

In brief illustrate the kinetics of refining phenomenan in steel making procedure with appropriate sketches.

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