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Q1. The oncogene is:

A. Viral gene with no relation to the host cell's genes.
B. Absent in the human cancer cells.
C. Bacterial gene which causes cancer in host.
D. A mutated form of proto-oncogene.
E. A gene which turns off the cellular reproduction.

Q2. The poptosis signifies to cell death and

A. Can be programmed and is necessary to the normal development.
B. Is always biologically detrimental to the organism.
C. The accumulation of genetic errors.
D. Failure in the translation or transcription method.
E. Failure of the genetic machinery to work properly.

Q3. Illustrate the function of a restriction enzyme in the genetic engineering?

A. To carry DNA into a new cell.
B. To cut DNA into the fragments.
C. To link altogether newly joined fragments of DNA.
D. To make millions of copies of specific segment of DNA.
E. To separate fragments of DNA by their length and electrical charges.

Q4. Plasmids are small accessory rings of ____ generally taken from ____.

A. RNA, animal cells.
B. RNA, bacteria.
C. DNA, animal cells.
D. DNA, bacteria.
E. DNA, plants.

Q5. Illustrate the function of the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) in the genetic engineering?

A. To cut DNA into numerous fragments.
B. To carry DNA to a new cell.
C. To make millions of copies of a particular segment of DNA.
D. To link together newly joined fragments of the DNA.
E. To separate fragments of DNA by their length and electrical charges.

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