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problem 1: Illustrate the difference between the Transmission and Inverse Transmission Parameters for reciprocity and symmetry.

problem 2: Draw the T and p-sections of the conventional filter by using impedance Zi and Zo. Show that they can be made equal to two L or two T sections. Finally get the input impedance of the p-section filter.

problem 3: prepare the brief notes on any two of the given:

a) Convolution theorem
b) Constant K-filters
c) Impulse Response

problem 4: What do you mean by polar plots and what its benefits are? Obtain the polar plot of a semi-soidal network function G(jw) and G(jw) m the X-Y plane for a series RC circuit energized through voltage source Vi(s), the output V2(s) being taken across the C.

problem 5: prepare brief notes on any two of the given:

a) Superposition and Millman's Theorems.
b) Transient and steady response.
c) Pass and stop bands.

problem 6: What do you mean by composite filter? Construct a composite high pass filter to operate into a load of 600 ohms and have a cut-off frequency of 1.2 KHz. The filter is to have one constant K-section, one w-derived section withal. 1 KHz and appropriate terminating half sections.

problem 7: Design a low pass composite filter to function with a design impedance of the 500 ohms, m = 0.2 and cut-off frequency = 2000 Hz.

problem 8: Illustrate the design of a w-derived band elimination filter. Derive required expressions.

problem 9: What do you mean by network functions? What are the properties of realizable network functions?

problem 10: prepare brief notes on:

a) Laplace Transform of shifted functions.
b) Superposition theorem.

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