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1) State and describe Ohms law. Describe the concept of series and parallel circuit with diagram.

2) A 100 w, 250 v lamp is connected in series with the 100 w, 200 v lamp across the 250 v supply mains. Determine:

a) Current

b) Voltage across each lamp

3) describe KCL and KVL with the help of diagram.

4) describe how nodal analysis mechanism is used for finding the node voltage and branch current, with the help of suitable diagram.

5) describe ideal and practical voltage source. Design their symbolic representation and V-I characteristics.

6) Provide the mathematical expressions that are used for converting:

a) Star network into the delta network

b) Delta network into the Star network. 

7)  describe the following term:

a) Bilateral circuit.

b) Unilateral circuit

8) describe the benefits of AC supply over the DC supply in production, transmission and distribution of the electric energy.

9) Illustrate the cycle of a sinusoidal ac quantity. Mark instantaneous value, maximum value, time period upon it.

10) An alternating current is represented by the equation I = 10 sin 314t. Determine:

a) Maximum value

b) Value of current after t = 0.01 sec

c) Time period

d) Form factor

11) Design the vector diagram and waveforms of relation between sinusoidal applied voltage and current for purely capacitive circuit.

12) Illustrate subtraction and addition of two phasors with the help of diagram.

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