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problem 1:

Illustrate out the necessary differentiations in the design of subsonic and supersonic inlets.

problem 2:

What is shock swallowing by area variation in case of supersonic inlet? Illustrate in concept with essential Illustrations.

problem 3:

How is real flow through the jet engine nozzle different form an ideal flow? Discuss at least four essential differences with a brief explanation.

problem 4:

Illustrate out the term adapted nozzle. Illustrate out the operating principal of such nozzle. Sketch any one type of the adapted nozzle.

problem 5:

prepare down the significant factors which must be considered in design and selection of gas turbine combustion chamber?

problem 6:

Illustrate the phenomenon ‘Flame Blow’ in gas turbine combustion chamber. prepare down the factors which promote the below out? What are the remedial measures?

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