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problem 1:

Critically discuss the assumptions which are made in Bredt –Batho theory.

problem 2:

Illustrate out the differentiation between symmetric and unsymmetric bending with illustrations.

problem 3:

Illustrate out the Neutral axis and provide an expression to find out them.

problem 4:

Illustrate out the term Principal axes and provide an expression to determine them.

problem 5:

Illustrate out the term Shear center and Elastic axis.

problem 6:

Demonstrate that for the curved web T = 2Aq.

problem 7:

prepare down comprehensive note on the Composite materials used in aircraft.

problem 8:

Illustrate out the Gerard Equations for Crippling Stress.

problem 9:

Illustrate out the Needham Equations for the Crippling Stress.

problem 10:

Critically discuss the Failure of rivets in aircraft. Justify.

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