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1) In four bar chain ABCD, link AD is fixed. Crank rotates at a consistent angular velocity of 10radian per second in counter clockwise direction. AB is 30mm, BC is 66mm, CD is 86mm and DA is 60mm. Angle BAD is 60°. Determine the angular acceleration of links BC and CD.

2) Car engine has its rated output of 12kW and maximum torque developed is 100Nm. Clutch is of single plate type having two active surfaces. Axial pressure is not to exceed 85 kN/m2. The external dimensions of he friction plate and axial force exerted by springs. Suppose the coefficient of friction as 0.3.

3) A flat belt 8mm thick and 100mm wide, transmits power between pulleys. Speed of belt is 1600m/min. Mass of belt = 0.9 kg/m. The angle of lap with smaller pulley is 165° and coefficient of friction the belt and pulley is 0.3. If maximum permissible stress in belt is 2 MN/m2, determine the maximum power transmitted and initial tension in belt.

4)(a) What do you mean by the tem pressure angle?

b) Two gears in mesh have 32 and 55 teeth and the addendum of one module. Compute the length of path of contact, arc of  contact and contact ratio, if pressure angle = 20°.

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