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Q1. Mother is a carrier for blue eyes (autosomal recessive) and for hemophilia (X-linked recessive). Which of the below is a correct statement?

A. All sons will encompass blue eyes and be hemophiliacs.
B. It based on the father's genotype whether the sons will encompass blue eyes and/or be hemophiliacs.
C. There is a linkage between the eye-color and hemophilia.
D. Regardless of the father, no sons will encompass blue eyes or be hemophiliacs.
E. The father's genotype can find out whether a son will encompass blue eyes however can’t find out whether a son will be a hemophiliac.

Q2. If a species includes 23% A in its DNA, determine the percentage of guanine it would have?

A. 23%
B. 25%
C. 27%
D. 44%
E. 46%

Q3. The amount of adenine is always equivalent to the amount of ____ in DNA.

A. cytosine
B. thymine
C. guanine
D. uracil

Q4. Which of the given have nitrogenous bases properly paired in DNA?

A. adenine–guanine; thymine–cytosine
B. adenine–uracil; guanine–cytosine
C. adenine–adenine; guanine–guanine
D. adenine–thymine; guanine–cytosine
E. adenine–cytosine; guanine–thymine

Q5. A nucleotide comprises:

A. DNA and RNA.
B. Complementary purines and pyrimidines.
C. Sugar, phosphate and nitrogenous base.
D. RNA, protein and lipids.
E. Sugar, a phosphate and nitrogen atom.

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