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I am in a college. So what I am about to give you shouldn't be difficult for experts. It is a just design.

I want to build design for security system for a house with 7 doors (not exactly have to be 7, maybe 8 or 10 doors can be used).  It will be built on a breadboard. It shouldn't be very complicated design> you can design similar design like 7 segment display or traffic lights, but not easy with only few pieces. (At least five pieces of chips or fewer than 10 should be used (preferably using 74...s)   but I am not sure how many materials or chips are needed to accomplish what I described. All I need is to come up with the design that actually works on a breadboard but you don't have to build it (but if you do that I will appreciate because I can see what you did from the real design). My idea was making the doors to serve as switch (maybe dip switch) so when they are closed alarm stays off and when either one of them are open alarm goes on. Maybe using LED as alarm? I don' know I am not very knowledgeable about these stuff s if you have better idea, you can work that out. It should work on a breadboard. I am going to build it on a bread board and demonstrate it to students. I am assuming you are engineer, and if you have already built a design similar to what I described you, you can use that. But please don't copy anything other than your design (it could be classified as plagiarism and my teacher might know it) Make sure that your design or drawing include some explanation with the materials that you used. Yu got 13 hours.  Btw, I am using a book called Digital Fundamentals by Floyd.

I can promise you 90 dollars at most (if I am satisfied) if you do what I described above. Let me know if you can or can't do it so I can seek someone as soon as possible.

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