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problem 1: What kind of organic molecules are enzymes?

a) Carbohydrates
b) Lipids
c) Nucleic acids
d) Proteins

problem 2: Illustrate the subunits of DNA and their function?

a) Nucleotides which store information
b) Monosaccharides which provide quick energy for the cell
c) Lipids which store energy and give insulation
d) Proteins which give the building blocks for the structural components of organisms

problem 3: How does the amount of energy resultant from the fermentation compare with that of aerobic respiration?

a) Aerobic respiration outcomes in less energy.
b) Aerobic respiration outcomes in more energy.
c) Each method outcomes in equivalent amounts of energy.
d) Each process outcomes in variable amounts of energy.

problem 4: Which best describes why muscle cells are distinct from the blood cells?

a) A mutation takes place throughout the development of muscle cells however not in blood cells.
b) Various genes are activated in the muscle cells than in blood cells.
c) Muscles cells experience various environmental affects than blood cells.
d) Muscle cells are building up by the brain; however blood cells are generated by the heart.

problem 5: A fresh-water plant is placed in a container of saltwater. What will most probable happen to the cells of the plant?

a) They will swell as water will move to them.
b) They will swell as salt will move to them.
c) They will shrink as water will move out of them.
d) They will shrink as salt will move out of them.

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