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problem 1) Three charges are 1 × 10–9, 2 × 10–9 and 3 × 10–9 C are placed at the corners of an equilateral triangle of side 1m. Compute the potential at a point equidistant from the three corners of the triangle.

problem 2)(a) What is thermo emf? describe how thermo emf can be measured using potentiometer.

(b) The emf in a thermo couple when one junction is at 0ºC is E = at + bt2. Determine the Peltier and Thomson coefficients.

problem 3)(a) prepare a detailed note on dia and para magnetism.

(b) describe the domain theory of ferromagnetism.

problem 4)(a) describe one of the uses of a ballistic galvanometer by means of an experiment.

(b) prepare down the force on a current carrying straight conductor kept in a magnetic field.

problem 5)(a) describe the decay of charge of a capacitor through a circuit containing L and R.

(b) Describe the energy losses associated with transformers.

problem 6) Derive the expression for the energy stored in a capacitor. Also, illustrate that there is always loss of energy when two charged conductors share their charges

problem 7) Applying the principle of thermodynamics to a thermocouple, demonstrate that

(a) Peltier coefficient = absolute temperature × thermo electric power

(b) Thomson coefficient = absolute temperature of the cold junction × first derivative of thermoelectric power.

problem 8) prepare a note of the followings:

(a) Magnetic alloys.

(b) Determination of Susceptibility of ferromagnetic materials.

problem 9) Give the theory of a moving coil ballistic galvanometer. Describe in detail the damping correction.

problem 10) describe the principle and working of a transformer.

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